Gavrilov's Appliances


A house where everything is different from what you expect


  • Team Project (8 People)
  • Generalist Programmer
  • 2 Weeks (2017)
  • Unity
  • C#
  • Single Player

Project Brief

The goal of this project was to create a game prototype within two weeks. We where given a theme "cognitive dissonance" (The state of having inconsistent thoughts).

Our idea was to give the player some obvious task, but the task turns out to be not that obvious as the universe this house is placed in has the opposite effect the player expects. Our target audience was the casual player mostly 50+ years old, so the mechanics where very simple. We also targeted mobile and also made an unofficial mobile release of the game.

I'm quite proud of how polished this game is. We even included multi-language support so we could share the game with dutch family members.

My Contribution

The main task in this game was to make objects interact with other objects, and then apply some effect to it. I set out to create a system design that would be very flexible so we wouldn't have to go into any code at all to make objects interact with each other. This made it possible for the designers to create levels without the need of a programmer.

Firstly I stared off with a task system, which stores all the different interactions one could perform in a level. I made a GUI using Unity's GUI API and tried to make every system work in a very flexible way. I then added a stage manager, which could be used to add certain tasks to a stage. The next thing to add was the effects system. It keeps track of all the effects an object could receive and the sounds that play on interaction. Lastly I added the paper task list that added the tasks from the task manager. (The animation and texture was made by one of our artists)

I felt like the game needed a bit more graphical feedback, so when most of the core systems and mechanics where implemented I added the outline shader effect that you see when you hover over an object that is intractable.

See the images below for the result.


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