Project Sulphur


Cross platform multi-threaded engine


  • Team Project (15 People)
  • Lead Graphics Programmer
  • 1 Year (2017-2018)
  • Custom Engine
  • DirectX 11, DirectX 12, GNM
  • C++

Project Brief

The goal for this school project was to create an engine that could run a game that we would submit to the dutch game awards. We had one block of planning two blocks of implementation and one last block for creating the game.

My Contribution

In this project I was graphics lead. I communicated with the people how implemented the low level renderer. We used DirectX 12 for windows and GNM for ps4. I told them what the engine needed and the lines along which it should be implemented. I then implemented the API layer from engine to the low level graphics implementations. Basically everything that could be done for both renderers was implemented by me and everything API specific was implemented by them.

I also implemented a low maintained implementation of DirectX 11 for debugging purposes. Besides that I did some general programming tasks and I helped people when in need.