Slush Rush


Snow angle racing with wacky controls


  • Team Project (8 People)
  • Procedural Programmer
  • 2 Weeks (2017)
  • Unity
  • C#
  • Local Multi-Player

Project Brief

The goal of this project was to create a game prototype within two weeks given a theme in form of a picture.


We saw clouds that looked like snow and we saw angels. So we decided to go with snow angle racing! Of course with unique controls like never seen before..

My Contribution

One of the main features we needed was terrain so I set out to develop tools for terrain generation. Since we didn't have a lot of time, I decided to use Unity's terrain editor tool. This made it a lot easier to use and modify the terrain however the designers liked. One very unfortunate side effect of this was the tool only supporting small resolution textures.

I implemented a world streaming system, where the terrain would generate in chunks. The coordinates would be used to load pieces of terrain. Either generated using noise or a piece created by a level designer. The designer would create terrain pieces and the world would automatically load them when the player came close.

Unfortunately we ended up not using most of this system at all, as the designers where having trouble with designing the terrain in a procedural way. Instead we generated one piece of terrain and the designers edited that.

The designers also asked me for terrain with custom properties, so I implemented texture splatting on the terrain to be able to draw materials on the terrain. Now we could have 4 different terrain types (one of each rgba channel). I made a simple API that made it possible to request the terrain type at the specified location, and the other programmer used this to modify the physics based on the terrain type found.

Lastly I added an object spawn system. This would look at the height of the terrain and place objects at this height. This was used fot every object you see in the world.


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